Visited 5 students in Nong & Sepon district

This is the the last 5 students were visited this years for sign contract will study teacher at Teacher Training Collage in Savannakhet. we have to visit them before rain season has come, the road doesn’t to bad. The fist day were visited 2 of students in sepon district Miss Ngakham and Miss jantee. and  one of them living close to the border Lao Bao.
Second day were visited Mr. Athai. Ban. Chaing Horm. this time we’re supposes to stay overnight but, afer interview has been rain and storm. and we couldn’t stay there , afraid of the water by the river. that way the Blue car was Swim one time while we visited one student from the same area.! so it was good doesn’t happend this time 😀
  Ban Po Loa .This village was close to Vietnam border. the drink stuff will be for the village party.  In Lao  Called Bun Baan. Hoho !  happy Vietnam Beer .
we have to park the car in the forest and walk around 1 km for visited a student.
20150507_11324320150506_10011820150506_11215620150506_112416there was Lako area. we had 3 students were  support by SSL.teaching there. Mr. Bunterng teaching primary school. (left side ) and Miss. Tunta , Mr. Podee teaching secondary school. (environment ,mathematics) we are so happy to meet them again. and also have a good time in Vietnam an hour 😀   and soon see you all again to Teacher seminar.

…………….Somchai T.

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