Drugs & HIV AIDS

Teaching our  TTC. students first year .
Drugs and HIV AIDS
  those things are very important to learn and how to effect for our lives! Especially Drugs a factor that is causing the infection to HIV AIDS. This things still make Social problem and  family problems!

A pictures sing before into topic!
what do you see on this picture?

One thing have to do before Teaching HIV AIDS .
        – all students standing around me and
                   –  Outstretched  arms and open  your hands.
   -Everyone have to close your eyes.
-I have two stones on my hands!
               -I put a stone on two people :  A and B  and everyone handful out.
                        -Now open your eyes and walk out to get some stone form your friends.
Some of student are very happy to get a stone. and some of them stand quite and don’t want to walk out and shearing the stone they had got 🙂
   -Who’s had got the stone in the beginning? 
         – How many people had been touch the stone?
-Who’s had stone right now?

DSC09691Making group and discussing about.   How can we protecting from HIV AIDS?
   How can we driving our lives with out using Drugs?
   How can Drugs and HIV AIDS effect to your lives?
Teacher ? I have some question? if mosquito bite will we get infection HIV?
No! we will not.
But some of students still do understand when mosquito bite you you will get infection HIV.
This time was very interesting for them to learned this topic 😀



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