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A day of waiting for

Congratulation with 23 students (4 students from Kaisone) we are very proud of you guys and we are looking forward to you guys to be a good teacher in the future. there was 2,500  students are graduated from Teacher Training Collage.

Miss. Khamphong give thanks for SSL. been supported her and can made her days for today.
Nid is encourage students and give bless for the future.
Lek give a gift to student for congratulation.
DSCF7276DSCF7269 Nid ,Lek and Martine waiting for students coming out from diploma.
DSCF7270Congratulation with monk as well.

Thank you very much to give them opportunities  to be a teacher.  Today SSL. document it  all  students name  who were finished this year that they will be a teacher in their own district. and SSL. looking forward to visiting and giving school supplies  at school and hope the place have the ways for a car can drive.

– Somchai



Further education for SSL students

Last week three of SSL staff went to Sepon to meet children in our program that finished Primary School before summer holiday. Our wish is that everyone will have the change to study further on Secondary School.

Many of the children really wants higher education but some live very far from the schools and they don’t have anyone that can help them contacting the school and apply for them.

Therefore, last year SSL started giving 5 students scholarship so they could continue their education at Chon Paow Secondary School in Sepon. SSL had already helped these 5 students since 1st grade at Primary School and when we met them and saw that they wanted to continue their education, we would of course help them.

This year we have altogether 47 pupils that ended Primary School and the goal of trip we had last week was to visit all of them and encourage them to continue on Secondary Grade when the schools open in the beginning of September.

Some of the children and their families lives really far out in the jungle and far from the schools.

Here is some pictures from our trip last week:



DSCF7222This is a typically house where our pupils live. Very often many people will live together in a small house like thisDSCF7168
Sonevilay and Chantasone (SSL staff) interview students and try to find our who would like to continue to Secondary Grade
At Baan Salew Village these four boys decided to continue their education

It’s important to make good relationship with the parents. If they don’t want their child to continue their education, it’s hard for the child to do against the fathers will. Therefor we spend time with them trying to explain the importance of education. This photo was taken i Baan Kaluk Village

At Kengluang School we had a meeting with five students and their parents. All of them decided to continue to go to secondary school! Hurray!
The schools will open next month and this month the teacher invites the children to come and cut gras and clean the area outside the school.
Everyone help each other to clean the school, even small hands with big knives…
Friends foreverDSCF7109Small hands can also be helpful
The nature in Sepon is awesome and the air is fresh and clean. Here at Lat Ho Primary SchoolDSCF7118
Indakaew (green jacket) used to be SSL’s teacher student. Now she is teaching in Lad Ho school together with three other teachers.
Two students at Lad Ho school will continue study at M. S  Ladho secondary school.

Cute girl waiting for the school to start

SSL team was invited to eat lunch in the village.

Meeting with village chief in Baan Latuang . Two students will continue at Chon Poaw secondary school.

It’s rainy season now, but some rain doesn’t stop Somchai from visiting familiesDSCF7194
This is a young girl coming from the forest with a bag containing about 25 kg. Everyone needs to help in the family.
The older sister helps the younger sister to brush their teeth
Enjoying swimming pool.
Students from Panga will continue to secondary school.
Mr. Insone (working at the local school office) is happy with the rain !

Visiting new school and get information plan to help this school.

Mr. Noogorn teaching at school.
At Baan Saloe school. Boys are boys everywhere 🙂

This trip was very important because we tried to be a helping hand for those finishing Primary School and help them to continue at Secondary School. If we didn’t go there and give them good advices, many of them would stop after Primary School and some of them would get married or continue working in the forest as their parents did before them and their parents did before them.

– Somchai



Godt Nytt År

Kjære alle lesere og sponsorer. Vi i School Support Laos vil ønske dere alle et riktig Godt Nytt År!

Første arbeidsdag i det nye året har begynt og vi ser fram til å kunne hjelpe mange barn og unge til utdanning dette kommende året!

Tusen takk til dere som valgte å gi en annerledes julegave i år!


Minner om kontonummeret vårt som er 3936.01.14868


Great times at the village

This Trip we were give school supplies 9 school.  And also add more 21 new students for supporting. Chanthasone, Viphapone , Mr. Insone ( school official)  and Me.  We were stay over night at Payoud village.  been home visited new student , after that Chanthasone joined with youth to play football. Viphapone when out to visit girls group. Viphapone very like that her can spend times with people there. For me and Insone we were out to find some animal and preparing dinner. I like the weather there. it was very great.dscf8837
This guys is our guide to showing our where is bathing place.
dscf8843 Insone and Chanthasone ready to take a shower . but water a bit cold.
We bathing with out thinking how cold is it, Kids are very happy .
Now to many people bathing , next group should wait a bit for water clear.
Small truck for children are played.
Before bathing , all you were playing  football and Rap-tan ball.
Home visit at Latuang village , This family they live 5 people together . a man he lose his hand by  bomb. a stories at rice farm. 10 years ago he and his wife been working at the mountain for preparing land for planting rice. Certainly his knife cut a bomb and explored he got hurt . his wife ran out to tell people to bring him back home. now one ear of left side could not hear it. and also lose his hand too.
dscf8832    This is not a hut for when you get tired just get in and take a rest. but this is for a women whom pregnant have to give birth a bay – be  here. I was asked village chief. He said now is better than long time a go to have like this house. before that when women will give birth. She have to give in the forest by herself. How is possible ? Yes. women can do it by herself.  But this women will come and waiting 3 days before giving birth. and husband will take care her and she have to stay in this house 7-10 days.
This is Payoud school. all student get a new uniform now.
1st grade – 5 th grade be on the line to receive school supplies . 2 writing book and 1 or 2 things they will get ( only who’s do not get school back from SSL. )
Viphapone give sport supplies to teacher at Toahua school.
After school break place for them to played.
At Payoud school.  Village chief , Insone , Chanthasone and students.
dscf8819The middle of a day we had lunch with a good place. ( Viphapone , Insone , Chanthasone and Me.
Thank you very much to Payoud village to prepared road for us to get to village.

Thank you for supporting.




Hei alle sammen!
Da nærmer jula seg i de land som feirer jul, og en av tradisjonene i jula er gavene. Vi i SSL ønsker i år, som i fjor, å komme med en flott alternativ julegave som varmer flere enn bare mottakeren!
Alternative gaver:
1) 300 kr , gir skolegang for en elev i Savannakhet
2) 500 kr , gir skolegang for en elev i Sepon
3) valgfri sum, bidrar til at en student kan fullføre høgskoleutdanningen sin
Vi har flotte gavekort som vi sender deg!
Kontonummer er : 3936 01 14868
Merk innbetalingen med:
– Julekampanje
– Navn
– E-post adresse/ adresse


Med ønske om at dere alle skal få en stressfri førjulstid!

  • Marit

Beautiful smile


Mr. Hadsadee 8 years old  he went to 3 grade primary school. What is his dream ?  He would like to be a police men. After school finished in the evening. He like to went out to find fish with friend. There are two people together in the rice farm. How he find fish ? He  went to rice farm and looking for small water and divided them with a small water and used small water bowl  take out of water. After that they will find a fish in slough. After he got a fish Hadsadee will come to his aunt to ask her if she can sell it. some time it will be 3.000-5.000 kip. or sometimes can be foods of families.
They are Duan 11 years old M.1  secondary school ( right side) and Daow  11 years old M.1 ( Left side)  Duan she had been support by SSL. 4 years right now. But this year we helping 3 of them. it is very special with this case. They mother’s was passed away 5 years ago. she been working with labor construction than she was sick and can not breath well.! for they Father’s can not work much because of drug addicted. now he went to other district and we don’t know how is he. Now Daow she lived with her aunt. Hadsadee and Duan lived with grand mother.
Her anut ( left side ) she had 3 children and all of them went to school. she is labor and also her husband. she went to Nongphue primary school and ask teacher if SSL. can help them. if not she don’t think she can afford her to school anymore.
Grand- mother’s ( right side) she only lived has one duagther living with them. now they are 5 people together in the house. who will support money to them now ?  Grand – mother’s has supporting buy her son’s but those money are do not enough for the families. Now SSL. supporting all 3 of them. there are very happy for that.
Miss. Mong gave school supplies to student at Pakbo school.
Somchai encourage to student at Pakbo primary school about they dreams and how important they are.
Thank you for being a good time and welcome with fruits.
This family  when I went to visited Kaisone student finish high school and will continue collage. I saw this women siting in front of her house with a great smile.  than I only smile back! next times Marit and I went out to visited Kaisone student again for confirm him for scholarship. we saw her at the same place and smile to us. and Marit just ask a student and she went through her and ask. How are you ? She start to cry!  and I feeling a bit sad for her. she could not walk! it was happen about 5-6 year ! after she can not walk her husband left her and get and new wife! now there are only her and 3 children living together.  Now we helping  Mr. Uthai  8 years old 3 grade of and  Miss.Nampueng  3 years old ( Kindergarten)  Now  Older sister’s has finished primary school. and she very want to continue school. but she have to take care of family. now she day worker 50.000 kip /day and now she also helping seller at school and have some money to buy foods for family.
Miss. Numphueng new clothes and ready to school.
Let’s see how many people on motorbike in the village Sepon.  Not 2 or 3 people but whole family, But I think no place for mother’s now.

Thank you for supporting  SSL.



Tur til sepon av Miriam

Mitt navn er Miriam Meling og siden august i fjor har jeg jobbet som lærer i Mukdahan, Thailand. For et år siden fikk jeg muligheten til å være med på en tur med School Support Laos (SSL). Nå, et år seinere, har jeg endelig skrevet et blogginnlegg fra turen. Deler det også her på SSL sine sider:
6Marit, moren til mine to elever, er initiativtakeren til bistandsorganisasjonen SSL som ble stiftet i 2001. Sammen med stab fra både Thailand og Laos sørger de for at barn i etniske minoriteter i fjellandsbyer i Laos får tilgang til skolegang. Dette er grupper som for det meste ikke har hatt tilgang til utdanning og SSL gjør et veldig flott arbeid med å gjøre utdanning mer tilgjengelig for disse minoritetene.
5Før jeg kom til Thailand hadde jeg hørt om Laos, men kunnskapen var ikke stor. I de første månedene mine her nede lyttet jeg til mange historier fra fjellandsbyene i Laos. Om skolebygg som har blitt bygget av andre bistandsorganisasjoner, men som ikke har fått videre oppfølging og som nå står tomme. Om hundekjøtt i suppe. Om fantastisk natur. Om kvinner som gjør mesteparten av arbeidet i familien mens mennene drikker. Om barn som gifter seg i en alder av 11 og dropper ut av skolen. Om åndetro. Om sprit”shots” som en naturlig del av måltidet. Og ikke minst om inspirerende treff med personer som har fått en mulighet til å få skolegang på grunn av det arbeidet som drives av SSL. Så da jeg fikk spørsmål om jeg ønsket å være med på en tur opp i fjellandsbyene for å se på arbeidet og treffe mennesker som får skolegang gjennom SSL, var jeg ikke vanskelig å be.
10De tre dagene vi var på tur hadde vi base i Sepon, en by i Laos som ligger ca 3 timers kjøring fra Mukdahan. Fra basen hadde vi kjøreturer til de fjellandsbyene som ligger rundt Sepon. Kjøreturene opp i fjellene var i seg selv en fantastisk opplevelse. Og da jeg fant ut at det å sitte bak på lasteplanet faktisk var mer behagelig enn å sitte inni bilen, ble kjøreturen enda bedre. HMS sier du?
7I hver landsby vi kom til samlet barna i byen seg foran skolen. En del foreldre kom også. Der ble det delt ut skolepakker til de barna som blir støttet av SSL.
8Når SSL går inn i en ny landsby sørger de for å få oversikt over de fattigste familiene, og tilbyr skolegang til et barn i hver av de fattigste familiene. Ikke alle landsbyene har nok lærere til å ha klasser fra 1.-5.klasse, og noen steder har de bare 1.-3.klasse. De barna som fullfører 1.-5.klasse får også tilbud om å reise på internatskole for å fullføre grunnskolen. Av de elevene som fullfører grunnskolen er det også noen som får støtte til videre utdanning. Noe av utfordringen i fjellandsbyene er at på grunn av mer primitive levekår, er det få lærere fra lavlandet som ønsker å reise opp til fjellandsbyene og jobbe som lærer der. Denne utfordringen har SSL tatt tak i og hvert år tilbyr de lærerutdanning til elever som kommer fra fjellandsbyene, slik at de kan komme tilbake til landsbyen sin og være lærere. De har også egne seminarer i løpet av lærerutdanningen for disse lærerstudentene og studentene følges godt opp også etter at de har reist tilbake til landsbyen sin for å jobbe.

Etter utdelingen av pakkene på skolen, var det intervju med familier til potensielle nye elever. Deretter bar det i de fleste landsbyer hjem til landsbysjefen, og sammen med de viktigste mennene i landsbyen fikk vi servert sticky rice og kylling. Og rissprit. ”Shot”glasset med rissprit ble tømt av den ene, fylt opp, tømt av den neste, fylt opp, tømt av den neste, fylt opp… En sjarmerende tradisjon… Siden jeg er kvinne og utlending var jeg ikke altfor uhøflig når jeg takket nei etter første runde. Tror jeg. Måltidet ble inntatt på gulvet på stråmatter inne i bambushyttene deres og jeg prøvde så godt jeg kunne å sitte elegant med mitt laotiske skjørt. Smatting var en naturlig del av lydbildet og stemningen var upåklagelig.
11Dag 2 reiste vi lenger enn dag 1 og det ble nødvendig med en overnatting i en fjellandsby. Da kvelden nærmet seg, gikk mennene for å finne en geit de kunne slakte. Geiten ble slaktet (dessverre i mitt påsyn) og grillet på bålet, og etter en stund var det klart for geit og sticky rice. Mørket hadde kommet under middagsforberedelsene og en lampe med strøm fra solceller gav lys til landsbysjefens stue. Her var det bare søvnen som var neste punkt på programmet, så da ble det enda mer tid til enda flere runder med rissprit. Dessverre. Ingenting å si på stemningen da.
13Neste morgen våknet jeg inne i myggnettingen min i landsbyhøvdingens stue av hanen som galte. Sakte, men sikkert våknet også resten av landsbyen. Mor i huset kom raskt i gang med å stampe riskornene til skallet gikk av. Deretter siktet hun kornene i store fat, til hun fikk renset for skall og bare hadde riskornene igjen. Jeg tror hun holdt på i to timer før det ferdige produktet var klart. Rundt henne vrimlet flere høner og kyllinger, og de mange grisene på tunet var også ivrige medhjelpere til å spise skallet som falt ned på bakken. Kyrne hadde enda ikke blitt tatt med på beite og kalvene hadde sin egen morgentrim med å jage hverandre rundt. På bålet var det satt opp et stativ av greiner, hvor en kylling lå og godgjorde seg og frokosten med ris og kylling var snart klar.
14Og med det skal jeg avslutte den poetiske delen av dette innlegget.
1En av dagene da vi spiste middag i Sepon, tok Somchai (vår gode reiseleder) seg den friheten og bestilte litt forskjellig mat til oss. Som vanlig forsyner man seg av det som er, og etter at jeg hadde spist av den ene retten spurte han vennlig om det smakte. Jo takk, svarte jeg, det smakte godt. Ganske fornøyd fortalte han meg at det jeg nettopp hadde spist var kjøtt kokt i kubæsj.  #wheninRome … Denne opplevelsen pluss et besøk på det lokale markedet viser at laotere er gode på å bruke det de har. På FN-sambandet sitt interaktive verdensatlas kan vi lese at dersom alle mennesker på jorden hadde hatt samme forbruk som en gjennomsnittlig innbygger i Laos ville vi trenge 0.7 jordkloder ( Til sammenligning: hadde resten av verden hatt samme forbruk som oss i Norge ville det vært behov for 2.7 jordkloder (
9Jeg så tydelig på min lille reise inn i Laos at Vesten har en utfordring med å tenke mer kritisk rundt bistandsarbeid slik at det kommer folket til gode, og jeg vil berømme SSL for den nærheten de har til prosjektene og forståelsen av kulturen. Det er med respekt de møter den enkelte landsby. Er du interessert i å vite mer om SSL kan du besøke hjemmesiden deres:

– Miriam


Sepon trip

Time for giving school supplies. Now SSL. staff packing  equipment for ready to go to Sepon district and giving school supplies. 2016-2017
But This trip We can not going to Baan Khoon and Baan Keving to give school supplies. it was heavy rain there! well a car could not drive! Therefor we only gave school supplies to 3 school. Muang Xen, Gengluang and Kaluok
ViPhapone and director of school looking plan to go home visiting. This school we have 10 new students will get school supplies.

ViPhapone , Me. Insone , Somchai and Village chief out to home visiting families at Muang Xen Village.

1o families are very poor! Thank you Teacher and village chief have a hearts for poor people.
Viphapone just take a break before going next to home visit.
Somchai giving sport equipment , Books and pens to director of  Muang Xen Primary school.

Mr. Insone – School official giving school supplies to student.

Market changing equipment after gave school supplies.

Giving Writing books, Pencils  and can choose one thing they want. ( the rest of students who will not get school Pack from SSL.)

Chanthasone and Viphapone encouraging  parents and students to go to school.

Making rice to preparing foods for families.
Children are using woods stick to playing fun with friends.
Fresh market.  WHo want frogs and  Ji Loa ( Insect )

The weather was good there in Sepon.


Boarding School in Sepon district

Opening Boarding school in Sepon district. Today all of students and their parents came to Boarding school to take school supplies and sign contract. Boarding school in Sepon is To give opportunity of student can continue study after they finished primary school. (High school )  Because they are quite far a ways from school. this school had supporting by government in Laos. But for scholarship will get into school limited. This year  SSL. have 24 students to boarding school.  (7 Girls) all of they are from difference place.

Their parents come to sent them to school and also village chief and teacher. they are very happy to be here.

Sign contract with SSL. student continue after finished primary school.



After two week we come to visit SSL. student again.

We come to check it 11 new a bed for SSL. students.

After two week we come to visit student again. and Nid learn them about how to prepare and keep bed after get up in the morning.
Miss. Ding  will be a good example.

Now all of student will prepare and keep a bed after they learn.
Now look like ready to sleep.

Equipment of cleaning rooms.

A bit of problem with hang mosquito net. Sonevilai helping to fixing it.

Nid learn them how to clean outside the place they live.
Now they making clothes line for hang clothes.

Now we they have 3 clothes line for hang clothes.

– Somchai