Further education for SSL students

Last week three of SSL staff went to Sepon to meet children in our program that finished Primary School before summer holiday. Our wish is that everyone will have the change to study further on Secondary School.

Many of the children really wants higher education but some live very far from the schools and they don’t have anyone that can help them contacting the school and apply for them.

Therefore, last year SSL started giving 5 students scholarship so they could continue their education at Chon Paow Secondary School in Sepon. SSL had already helped these 5 students since 1st grade at Primary School and when we met them and saw that they wanted to continue their education, we would of course help them.

This year we have altogether 47 pupils that ended Primary School and the goal of trip we had last week was to visit all of them and encourage them to continue on Secondary Grade when the schools open in the beginning of September.

Some of the children and their families lives really far out in the jungle and far from the schools.

Here is some pictures from our trip last week:



DSCF7222This is a typically house where our pupils live. Very often many people will live together in a small house like thisDSCF7168
Sonevilay and Chantasone (SSL staff) interview students and try to find our who would like to continue to Secondary Grade
At Baan Salew Village these four boys decided to continue their education

It’s important to make good relationship with the parents. If they don’t want their child to continue their education, it’s hard for the child to do against the fathers will. Therefor we spend time with them trying to explain the importance of education. This photo was taken i Baan Kaluk Village

At Kengluang School we had a meeting with five students and their parents. All of them decided to continue to go to secondary school! Hurray!
The schools will open next month and this month the teacher invites the children to come and cut gras and clean the area outside the school.
Everyone help each other to clean the school, even small hands with big knives…
Friends foreverDSCF7109Small hands can also be helpful
The nature in Sepon is awesome and the air is fresh and clean. Here at Lat Ho Primary SchoolDSCF7118
Indakaew (green jacket) used to be SSL’s teacher student. Now she is teaching in Lad Ho school together with three other teachers.
Two students at Lad Ho school will continue study at M. S  Ladho secondary school.

Cute girl waiting for the school to start

SSL team was invited to eat lunch in the village.

Meeting with village chief in Baan Latuang . Two students will continue at Chon Poaw secondary school.

It’s rainy season now, but some rain doesn’t stop Somchai from visiting familiesDSCF7194
This is a young girl coming from the forest with a bag containing about 25 kg. Everyone needs to help in the family.
The older sister helps the younger sister to brush their teeth
Enjoying swimming pool.
Students from Panga will continue to secondary school.
Mr. Insone (working at the local school office) is happy with the rain !

Visiting new school and get information plan to help this school.

Mr. Noogorn teaching at school.
At Baan Saloe school. Boys are boys everywhere 🙂

This trip was very important because we tried to be a helping hand for those finishing Primary School and help them to continue at Secondary School. If we didn’t go there and give them good advices, many of them would stop after Primary School and some of them would get married or continue working in the forest as their parents did before them and their parents did before them.

– Somchai



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