Concluding English Course for 48 TTC.

Before start meeting, Mr. Bounnyang singing and Mr. Voungvilay and Miss. Sanmalar. there are very good singer.
Concluding English Course for 48 TTC. student.  They had been study English for 9 weeks before they back home. Now it was summer time. all of school in Laos was closed. School will open it again 1 st September 2017. Next year we only have 29 students studying at Teacher Training Collage. 19 students will educated this year.
English Course are helping  a lot for SSL students. It became AEC. now English language is  very important to Learn. that they can use it in the future.   9 weeks : 4 hour /day  it is not enough time to study but, we hope they can learned  some and teach some basic to Primary student.

Closing meeting by Mr. Ladsamee  ( Director of TTC.) And Thank you for teacher to teach SSL. students. It’s mean a lot to them.

They have got a paper been study English Course. Today all of them will go home and 29 students will come back again 29th Oct 2017 to register at Collage.
Thank you for supporting SSL. students. It will make a lot of chance for them to developing themselves and other people. and  of course they are teacher those students are looking forward.

– Somchai


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