Summer Party

Summer Party & Congratulation for 19 ethnic students and 5  student  from Kaisone  will education this year.  Today such a great day that all of students we were supporting are come to participated together. we have a lot of fun and Joy .  Thank you for supporting SSL.  can make they’s  life better.

Preparing for Dinner

Chanthasone Leading a games.

Opening Summer Party By Marit Rousing Ngamchalad.

Dinner times : Yam Tong , Tom Kha Kai .

Thank you for SSL. to supporting and giving opportunity to be a teacher.
Marit & Satad


Gift to intelligent student. ( Miss. Khamphong  from Sepon) GPA. 4.00.
She will educate this year.

Ready to go home.

– Somchai


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