A day of waiting for

Congratulation with 23 students (4 students from Kaisone) we are very proud of you guys and we are looking forward to you guys to be a good teacher in the future. there was 2,500  students are graduated from Teacher Training Collage.

Miss. Khamphong give thanks for SSL. been supported her and can made her days for today.
Nid is encourage students and give bless for the future.
Lek give a gift to student for congratulation.
DSCF7276DSCF7269 Nid ,Lek and Martine waiting for students coming out from diploma.
DSCF7270Congratulation with monk as well.

Thank you very much to give them opportunities  to be a teacher.  Today SSL. document it  all  students name  who were finished this year that they will be a teacher in their own district. and SSL. looking forward to visiting and giving school supplies  at school and hope the place have the ways for a car can drive.

– Somchai



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