Visiting students family

Mr. Sompon 10 years old. 4 grade of primary school. His family is very poor.His parents divorced last years. Because father’s using drugs and could not take good care of family. Now Only 5 people live in the house. 3 children and grandmother’s.
Mr.Gungna 15 years old. 3 grade of secondary school.Her parents is very poor. her mother has 4 children and they lived 7 people in the house. Now mother want Gungna out school that she can work and helping family. Her son’s out school and work but doesn’t have enough money to take care of family. he only got paid 500.000 kip/month. Now is difficult time for Gungna that she will continue studying or out school and find a work that can help families.
Miss. Buathong 10 years old. 4 grade of primary school. Buathong live with Grandmother’s (she is singer) Grandmother said : Buathong has 8 sibling. Her mother is neuralgia. Two living with her and 5 dead and 1 living with Grand-Grand mother’s. but one people who live with Grand-Grand mother is neuralgia. Buathong and her brother were lucky that they are do not have neuralgia.. Now Grand-mother is seller by carry candy and snack to sell in the village and Brother’s of  Buathong is a day worker take care of families. they are very poor family. they live 4 people in the house. And Buathong dream about she would like to be a teacher.
Mr. Davone 14 years 3 grade of secondary. His mother only have one child. Her husband was drink a lot and addicted drugs and could not take care of family. Now her mother is day worker and working with Garlic. about 50.000 kip/ day.
Miss. Maneevan 17 years old 6 grade of high school.  she has been supporting by SSL. 11 years now.  they are two sibling living with Grand- mother. Parents get divorced for 18 years since she was 2 weeks. her parent never come and take care of them. Grand-mother is sell vegetable.they live 4 people together.
Miss. Daowpahad 14 years old. 1 grade of secondary school. Her mother has 2 children.  They live at Donseng village. They live 3 people in the house. Parents was divorced because addicted drugs. Now Mother work at slaughterhouse. 700.000 kip/month. now school is closed Daowpahad working with slaughterhouse and got paid 20.000 kip/ day
Miss. Meena 14 years old. 2 grade of secondary school. They had 3 children. Meena take bicycle to go to school. is about 2 km. They are farmer and plant vegetable. Meena her dream is be a teacher.

– Somchai

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