Home visit Kaisone Pormviharn Laos.

Today Sonvilai and Somchai were out to home visit students at Kaisone , Promviharn, Savannakhet  Laos.  At Napo , Pakha and Nonudom School. Since 6 years we did’t visited them. We can see that some family are getting a little bit better and some are more poor.
I was asked some parents about education. How education do they finished? Some of them are primary school and some are high school. And more the reason why they can’t continue study.? some of them their parents had many children and can’t afford them to go to school and family were poor. And until now. They think . They should study if they can study something that can help them for find a work. One of student she really want to go to school but parents are want her to out school because they did not have enough money to support them. Even  only  300.000 kip or 37 USD /year but some of family did’t have opportunity to sent their children to go to school. Now they understood that education is very important. And they will support their children to go to school as much they can.




Miss. Poy her family is very poor and they live a bit far a way from village. (in the forest) Her mother’s really want her to study. because her mother’s did’t have opportunity to go to school. she have to out school and help parents for work. Now she though education is very important and she really want her daughter’s to study a Law. Miss. is quite good of study too.



Miss. Motdeng 10 years old . P.5 primary school. Her parents were divorced Now she like together with grand parent and they live 11 people at the house. Quite a big family.

Mr. Sengchan 16 years old Grade 5 of high school. Mother’s has 3 and one daughter have to out school for  work and helping family  and now she study only in the weekend and Monday- Friday she have to work.

Mr. Satsaiy His family was really poor. his mother’s  passed a way when his very young. his sister’s have to out school for get a work in Thailand for helping family. In next year he will finished Secondary school and he would likes continue to collage to study Electricity  that he can help family too.

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