Meeting Kaisone students

On Friday Evening  :All Kaisone students who studying in collage and university come to participated at SSL. office.  Some of them are signed contract and we had dinner together. After dinner Nid was teaching about development basic human. that was very good to see them all and good times together.
Miss. Buachan introduce  herself and tell us about how long has been supported by SSL.
Miss. Phumee  introduce  herself and tell us about how long has been supported by SSL.
Preparing for dinner.
Now dinner is ready.
Dinner ( Vietnam foods)
Sign contract of student who has supporting by SSL.
On Thursday SSL. staff were out and home visited studnets at Nonhinhae. since 4 years we haven’t been visit them.
Mr. Sonevilay preparing clothes
SSL. staff and Two teachers home visited of family.
This family is very poor they live 7 people in the house. she has 3 children. and her husband  is day worker. and do not have enough money for living and buying foods for family. Mr. Buonmee will be a small monk next year. but her mother would like him to be a small monk soon. because do not have enough foods for family and his mother afraid he will out school soon.

– Somchai


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