Kaisone university students

Today we had activity with our student. we have 19 students studying  collage and university. this times only 10 students come participated. the other they are working in the evening during study. Some they are Mathematics teacher, Chemistry teacher,  Accounting, Agriculture, Mechanical,  English teacher, Laos Primary Teacher, Management Major and Business Marketing.
Mr. Chanthasone is leading a song and dance.
Singing about «Love is in my hearts ,Love is in your hearts » before teaching.
Nid gave A good example: About One boy has educated with a very good university and he is very intelligent boy. One day this boy when out to applies a job at a big company. When he knock the door and siting for interview. First question is Did you ever been wash foot of your mum? A boy asking a question again. Did you ever been wash foot of your mum? In his mind think . why he asking me this question ?! This is not about work!  And a boy give answer  No, I never wash foot of my mum. A men who was interview said I will not give you a job today.
A boy when back home at that times his parents back from a farm.
A Boy asking: Mum May I wash your foot?
Mum: No, No Sun , My foot is very dirty!
A Boy: Mum I want to wash your foot. May I do it?
Mum: OK , OK.
A boy toke water and soap and siting and wash foot of his mum. He saw foot of his mum is very dirty and dry and didn’t looks nice!  This thing make me to understand more about my parents they’re work hard  because of their children. We can study at a very great university and have a nice clothes for wearing. all of thing they do is for us.
Day after :
His come back to that company again to meet a men who interview him.
A boy : Hello
A Men : Hello  How are you?
A boy: I am fine thanks.
A men: I want you to work here with us.
A boy: No No, I came back here because, I would like to thank you very much for make me to understand some think more. not for work!
A men: I want you to work here with my company you’re very good person and you have been educated a very good university and good qualities.
A boy get a job at that time and he very happy.
A good person is not just smart and who educated from very good school and university. we should have grateful,  ethics and moral theology as well.

Mr. Chanthasone Teaching about » Love»  Deeper about Family Love.
It was great to see them all again.


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