A Great day in Sepon.

Sepon Trip  20-22 Oct   
This Trip-  Mr. Somnuk ( Deputy of education secondary Savannakhet) , Mr. Somchai , Mr. Sonvilai , Mr. Chanthasone and Miss. Rita. First day in Sepon , we were Meeting about if Scool Support Laos Can help and give scholarship to students who has finished Primary school. This project can give them more opportunities  Continue  Secondary – High  School. Because if hard for them to continue to get more education. not because they don’t want to go to school . but they don’t any chance to continue study. and the school we were supporting mostly is far away from city. and Sepon District only 5  schools that you can continue study Secondary- High School. and that was far a way from our students .  This year kind of example to starting with 5 students who has finished primary school can staying and studying at M.S Chon Paow School Sepon. (Sleep school ) it was a great day for them 😀

Place of Making Rice


Signing contract between SSL.-School – Families


Giving Sleep equipment to 5 students


Happy for my kids being at school here .


Rita and Mr. Somnuk were giving school supplies to students.


Market for changing clothes .



Giving Sport equipment and equipment to Ladho primary school.


Chanthasone perpearing for every students who will get some  writhing books, pencils , and they can should some thing between Shirt -Skirt-Trouser .


Home visiting new family.


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