Congratulations for ours TTC. Students

DSCF205914 August 2015
A Thousands people were participated at Teacher Training Collage , Kaison, Savannakhet for congratulation graduated  of this year. all of their friends and families came and  This day was a lot of traffic jam like a busy day. In this morning was very excited for them, some of them woke up 3 am. for preparing themselves before they gotten diploma. This year we had 12 students graduated. 10 are Primary teachers from tribal and 2 are Math and Kindergarten teachers from Kaison,savannakhet (small pictures)  Well, Congratulations. We are proud with all of you. You guys had done well. You can do it. We are looking forward to see you again on Teacher seminar on 11-13 Sep 😀       ……Somchai……


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