Visit students training.



Welcome to Khammuan school  Josef from Sweden ,Lek, Nid:)  students gift flower welcome to school.


My name is Sukseda Sudthilard from Pin district. Was training at Ponggiew primary school. Kveng khammuan. I ‘m teacher in first grade, but teaching  P.1- P.4 . I am very happy to be here. Teaching and help work in village. Some time I am went out to find frog with my host family !! and every Sunday they were to Church, Because this village are Christian.


Image Time break between class.


  My name is Tunta Alaimone from Xepon district. I have been training at Adsapone 
secondary school 1,014 students  538 girls, 39 teachers. My main subject is Physics and teaching M.1-M.4. First week for my teaching I was shine because some of students are same age of mine! After three week was ok for me. I am happy to be here. What is vision??? I ‘d like to teach children at school learning more and give them education that is very important. Specially ethnic people  they’re need more education. I am ready to do that.


 My name is Sethai  Malaipone 20 years old. From Vilabuli district. Training at Phoxai primary school, Xepon district. 120 students 61 girls , 7 teachers at school. I am teaching first grade. And teaching all subject. It was nice to be here. 

When our students were training at school, they have to stay with host family and help them home work. It ‘s not just teaching ! Teachers should help work in village also example: Annual festival and they were happy to join that. And it was very nice to visit all of students.


   By…  Somchai  Tonsiri

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