Young Boys In Need of Support

Phonsavan Primary School is one of the schools that School Support Laos has been helping for a long time. This year the director of the school asked to increase the number of students that we help. Before new students enter our program we always visit them at home.


This day we went to find different homes, which gave us many strong impression. One of them is a boy called Sivixay, He lives with his grandmother and his father, His parents divorced 3 years ago, His mother left the family to live in Mukdahan, Thailand. His father got a serious depression after the divorce and is now struggling with alcohol. The only one to support the family with income is the grandmother. She is 74 years old and almost deaf, but sometimes she sells vegetables at the market.

Sivixay and his grandmother

Sivixay is 8 years old, but when we met him, his face looked more like 15. His childhood is disappearing fast.


There is also another boy, his name is Khamphai. His father died when he was 3 years old and left his mother with many children. After the father died, Khamphai’s mother could not take care of all her children and left her two sons with their uncle, her late husbands brother. What is special with this is that the uncle is a monk, living in a temple. So now, Khamphai and his brother is living in the temple with the monks. When we met Khamphai and his uncle, his uncle was very glad that we could help Khamphai with school uniform and school supplies as he himself are not allowed to own anything.

Ole, Khamphai and his uncle

Giving out supplies at Phonesavan Primary School

Next day we gave out school supplies for students in Phonsavan primary school. The director of the school had a long and good speech, and the students’ parents were very happy. Ole also had a speech where he encouraged the students to be clever students.

Meeting with parents and students
Ole and his friends in a school

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