Exciting home visit at Nong and Sepon districts

Last week we went to Nong and Sepon districts for home visits and giving school supplies to students at Sepon. On second day morning we separated in to two groups. The first group went to give school supplies to new students that enter our program at Doneluang primary school and in the afternoon we gave blankets to Saleo village. At both of the schools, there were teachers that we have given scholarship to, Khamphouy and Ngam.

The second group went to Nong district to visit Lenou, Wanxay and Bounkue. Bounkue is a teacher in Apok primary school, we have also paid for his education. On the way to their villages, it was very exciting. We drove on very bumpy roads and we had to cross several rivers to get there.

Marit gave sport supplies to director
Khamphouy, Marit and Bounyong
Students queue for geting school supplies at Doneluang primary school
Home visit student at Donluang village
Gro gave blankets to Saleo villagers
Ging teacher uniform to Khamphou
Home visit Lenou in Nong district
Wanxay writes contract
wanxay and his family
SSL car to Apok village at Nong district
Fredrik and Bounkue
Apok Primary school at Nong district

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