Beautiful smile


Mr. Hadsadee 8 years old  he went to 3 grade primary school. What is his dream ?  He would like to be a police men. After school finished in the evening. He like to went out to find fish with friend. There are two people together in the rice farm. How he find fish ? He  went to rice farm and looking for small water and divided them with a small water and used small water bowl  take out of water. After that they will find a fish in slough. After he got a fish Hadsadee will come to his aunt to ask her if she can sell it. some time it will be 3.000-5.000 kip. or sometimes can be foods of families.
They are Duan 11 years old M.1  secondary school ( right side) and Daow  11 years old M.1 ( Left side)  Duan she had been support by SSL. 4 years right now. But this year we helping 3 of them. it is very special with this case. They mother’s was passed away 5 years ago. she been working with labor construction than she was sick and can not breath well.! for they Father’s can not work much because of drug addicted. now he went to other district and we don’t know how is he. Now Daow she lived with her aunt. Hadsadee and Duan lived with grand mother.
Her anut ( left side ) she had 3 children and all of them went to school. she is labor and also her husband. she went to Nongphue primary school and ask teacher if SSL. can help them. if not she don’t think she can afford her to school anymore.
Grand- mother’s ( right side) she only lived has one duagther living with them. now they are 5 people together in the house. who will support money to them now ?  Grand – mother’s has supporting buy her son’s but those money are do not enough for the families. Now SSL. supporting all 3 of them. there are very happy for that.
Miss. Mong gave school supplies to student at Pakbo school.
Somchai encourage to student at Pakbo primary school about they dreams and how important they are.
Thank you for being a good time and welcome with fruits.
This family  when I went to visited Kaisone student finish high school and will continue collage. I saw this women siting in front of her house with a great smile.  than I only smile back! next times Marit and I went out to visited Kaisone student again for confirm him for scholarship. we saw her at the same place and smile to us. and Marit just ask a student and she went through her and ask. How are you ? She start to cry!  and I feeling a bit sad for her. she could not walk! it was happen about 5-6 year ! after she can not walk her husband left her and get and new wife! now there are only her and 3 children living together.  Now we helping  Mr. Uthai  8 years old 3 grade of and  Miss.Nampueng  3 years old ( Kindergarten)  Now  Older sister’s has finished primary school. and she very want to continue school. but she have to take care of family. now she day worker 50.000 kip /day and now she also helping seller at school and have some money to buy foods for family.
Miss. Numphueng new clothes and ready to school.
Let’s see how many people on motorbike in the village Sepon.  Not 2 or 3 people but whole family, But I think no place for mother’s now.

Thank you for supporting  SSL.



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