Sepon trip

Time for giving school supplies. Now SSL. staff packing  equipment for ready to go to Sepon district and giving school supplies. 2016-2017
But This trip We can not going to Baan Khoon and Baan Keving to give school supplies. it was heavy rain there! well a car could not drive! Therefor we only gave school supplies to 3 school. Muang Xen, Gengluang and Kaluok
ViPhapone and director of school looking plan to go home visiting. This school we have 10 new students will get school supplies.

ViPhapone , Me. Insone , Somchai and Village chief out to home visiting families at Muang Xen Village.

1o families are very poor! Thank you Teacher and village chief have a hearts for poor people.
Viphapone just take a break before going next to home visit.
Somchai giving sport equipment , Books and pens to director of  Muang Xen Primary school.

Mr. Insone – School official giving school supplies to student.

Market changing equipment after gave school supplies.

Giving Writing books, Pencils  and can choose one thing they want. ( the rest of students who will not get school Pack from SSL.)

Chanthasone and Viphapone encouraging  parents and students to go to school.

Making rice to preparing foods for families.
Children are using woods stick to playing fun with friends.
Fresh market.  WHo want frogs and  Ji Loa ( Insect )

The weather was good there in Sepon.


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