A Great day at school


A Great day at school at Somsanuk Primary school  We had 4 Acta students and 3 staff from SSL went to visited Mr. Seuthid and Mr. Seethai ( Teachers were support by SSL.) Now they are teacher in they own area , that is very comfortable of them to staying there. That was Mr. Seethai village and Mr. Seuthid will get marry soon in this village. in this school only have 2 teachers and 56 students.  they were very happy for we came to visited. the main point is to encourage teacher and burning more fire to our teacher.
this time we went there for visited our teacher and had some activities and Games. it was very fun. we played unity games , trusting games and Norwegian games. and this trip also visited 6 our teacher student were practicing at school. Sepon , Pin and  2 teacher were supported by SSL.Vilaburi District
To sent water to other place and how much you can ?

See  … which group has much of water

Blowing tapioca flour and eat fruits and blowing  balloon.
Mr. Kaisone , Levi and Kasten giving Books , Pencil and candy to student.

Welcome foods after visited.
Mr. Kaisone  form school office Between on the way to village we saw  Elephant foot print.
the day after a teacher sent a picture to us!
Kasten and Ingvil  enjoining sunbathing.
After the trip (Mr. Kasten) soon become brown.
Visiting student class  Mr. Bunkee and Miss.Yangkham school in Sepon district.

Mr. Yad internship at Vilaburi district.

Giving school book ,pencils and sport supplies to Pukham school , Vilaburi district.
meeting with director of school and discussing about they want English and Music teacher here. will someone would like to come ?
Visiting 5 students at boarding school , Sepon district. and played games and get to know them more.
Lao traditional wedding party ( Miss Noy’s sister )
12884414_10205889960596836_1172904923_n (1)
enjoined Lao dance.
Spacial guest from SSL. Lao dance.
Thank you for a great trip nice to have your guys here.


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