19 TTC. students will soon out to internship

Now we have 19 students from TTC.  (10 girls)  will soon internship for 3 months and this is for last year for them since they were studying 2 or 3 year at Teacher Training Collage. Today we were interview 16 students and 3 of them will interview next time. It was interesting to hear ours students life while they were studying at TTC.  This week school was closed and will open again in Two week. And after that . Time for them to internship. let’s hear from them.
DSCF5617           Miss. Kanha Meengerng  19 years old,  3 years for Primaryteacher.Baan.Mahard Village , Sepon District. What has I learned from Teacher Triaging collage is I got to know new friend, knowledge, responsibly and also Sewing clothes that was very great. It not just to be a teacher but also has something important to learn too. I am very glad to attend of this school. First time when I was here.it was very exciting and 2,500 students here at the college. When I into the class I was thinking that all people around me they were good and smart more than me! But I am not worried about my Lao language. writing , Reading , Speaking it was ok for me Well, I like to study very much. Mathematics was difficult for me but, I really like Art and How to teach 2 -3 class one teacher.  Because Tribe people area mostly only have One- Two teachers at school. They have 5 class and 2 class room and some are only one class room. Things for not so comfortable at school is water we didn’t enough water supplies here.  and Foods have to buy it from collage (for the rule ) but of course if you need to buy it some from the market. But we comfortable about on times at school cause we living at school.

Culture City Development  there is many think development in the city . And many teenager became wearing trouser , wearing short . Karaoke .It is different in our country side.  The good things in country side we can find our own foods What is I want to bring it back and would like to have in my village is Market, Bridge between Lao – Vietnam and education ( school )  What is don’t want to have in my village is Wearing short pants, short skirt. And  Karaoke, Drugs and Vietnamese people. Why I don’t want Vietnamese people live in my village because about marketing. Most people like to buy foods and stuff from Vietnamese shop. It is cheap price but not so good quality.We will have internship in next month. I am looking forward.  This is my last year for me. And I am also looking forward to be a good teacher.
I would like to Thank You School Support Laos and Sponsor  To give me opportunity to study here. and Make my life change. “No you support” I can’t stand here today.  Wish you happiness And Good Healthy   Thank you very much.  By.   Miss. Kanha Meengerng

Mr. Porn Xuangsayavong 22 years old 3 years program for Teacher.  Baa. Xuang  , Nong District.  My 3 years studying at Teacher training Collage is ok.  My fist time to attend at Collage was very excited, happy to study here. I feel like not children anymore. I am friendly. For my Lao language ? I’m listening good and speaking and writing is ok. But in the beginning was hard to understand when teacher teaching as well. I am I fell much better than before.
Daily day  : in the morning cooking rice ( I am security man in the collage) after that duty cleaning. And I got money from security paid 150,000 kip /month . Now I am soon finish Teacher. And will have internship  at Baan Dongsavan , Sepon District 1 February 2016 I am looking forward for that and very exiting too. But I will do the best.
Comfortable for study here :  staying at school and have library
Not comfortable is : when we have home work we didn’t have  much time together .
I like to play football and like to study Lao , English language. But my Mathematic was hard for me as well.
What is my dream now? I would like to be a Teacher and continue to study more level if I have opportunity.  Thank you very much School Support  Laos and Sponsor for give my opportunity to study today. Thank you everyone.  By  Mr. Porn  Xuangsayavong
we looking forward to hear from them again when they come back.


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