New school in Pin district

Thong Misai school ,Pin district .  is Primary school and secondary school  135 students  6 Teachers  ( 3 primary Teacher ) we selacted new school had Teacher were suported by SSL. ( Mr.Khamsern  Secondary Teacher)  This time Mr. Phouvieng ( school officail from Pin district)  Mr. Sonvilai , Mr. Chanthasone and Me were visited 25 new students will get scholaship from SSL. Thong Misai was poor village.  the weather was cold and windy such very nice day and it was verry good for contact and work with that school cause we had our teacher there . very thnks ful for helping ours children here. Thank you very much. hope you will continue more and more . said Police control and village cheif.



This families had 13 children and they lived 18 people in the house , kind of big famillies and warm family .  4 kids went to school. ( we helping 2 girls white shirt , yello shirt left side of photo )

Mr. Mr. Phouvieng help to give  2 books and 2 pencils  to other students were not recives school bag .


Teams B  Home visiting family . ( Mr. Khamsern , Village chief , Mr. Sonvilai and Mr. Chanthasone.

DSCF5358Stay overnight at Village Chief house. ( Breakfast time )

20151217_071948Lieutemant and school official coffe cup in the morning ( security men)


Giving school supplies to Nonvilai school ( 2 teachers for our school  Mr. Khamphueng and Miss. Thong  , primary school)


This man has 6 children . he wife dead since the last baby was born  very poor family.


Sonvilai, Chanthasone, Village cheif visiting  new students at Baan. Payoud



At Payoud school. One overnight at Payoud village. after homevisited new student. came back and will stay overnight at village chief house . they sitting and drinking rice wisky for welcome us and foods. they starting drank and we support to sleep at house of cheif village. Now starting niose . and I can sleep at that house! but School office said i will sleep here whatever! i afraid of ghost. than i  said ok! we will sleep at school than . But village cheif want us to sleep at his house.  around 10.00pm village cheif come to me. Come to sleep at house we have a house here. Ok . i said  but i will wait until they finish drinking !  ok please come after . said village cheif.  at the midnight still drinking and singing . and we already sleep. early morning went we wake up. after breakfast . Village cheif said . last you we have one tiger come in the village. and eat goat and people very afraid of it!  wath they bileves is have something wrong in the village. and we have to offering foods in the forest. and rigth now they did not see tiger anymore. and village chief siad they afraid becuase tiger came to the village last year! and we did not know it. and Mr. Insone said Hehe it was good that i sleep in the house. and i ask him . how can you sleep? very niose here! i can not sleep and i do not to sleep out side . I afraid of ghost. next time remember stay safe at house!

DSCF5427Trip to Nonvilai and Thong Misai village.  Sonvilai,Chanthasone, Phouvieng and me








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