Pha Bang area in Sepon

Erling , Nid and me 😀
We were meeting at Education school official in Sepon  about we would like to support two new schools those school had a teacher SSL. were support them.  Ban Sa Pong and  Ban Na villages.That was a great meeting, cause Mr. Sukdalar director  of Education school official were talking about those area do not have many students are going to school , and their parents don’t understand much about education!
What’s they think?

– Why we need to go to school?
-if my children growing up they can help work so they don’t need to go to school!
– We have to survive!
If school Support Laos can support those area that will be good. And  Maybe if those students at school getting school supplies,for those kids Who are not attending school can make them attending school.


At the Head of village house were meeting with Head of village , Police area , stuff from school official . At that time sounds a small pig was kill! That mean foods for us and ofcourse with rice whisky 😀

Ban Na. are 105 families but only 50 students were in school !
Ajan Bounmee said:  They are many children that 6 years old to 10 years old around 60 children were not attending school!

Mostly  in school has a few girls  go to school.  Girls are have to take care of kids and working at home.

This place do not far from school , They using for study when they have homework and  has some students came from another village sleep here and go back home in the weekend . (Only Three persons can sleep in this house not more than that)

Villages was mountains around and do not have Sun in this time it was really cold !

See you in Two weeks 😀


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