A Saturday In the Countryside

The 16 ethnic teacher students that currently receive scholarship from SSL all come from villages far out on the countryside. The Teacher Training College is located in Savannakhet City, and they are now used to a rural environment. SSL arrange monthly activities with these students, ranging from role play about a teaching situation to parties with food and games. A Saturday a few weeks ago, we took the students to the countryside, where we and they learned about how to use the resources from the nature without chopping all the trees down.

12 km from Savannakhet city, there is a protected area called Dongnatad. This is a placed used for eco-tourism and short trekking tours. Our employee Sinakhone has been working as a eco-guide for several years, and she hold a lecture about the resources from the nature. This is valuable information for the students, knowledge that they can use when they move back to their districts and start working as teachers.

Nonglom lake in Dongnatad Protected Area
Watermelons in the natural refrigerator

 Funny question and answer games

After the lecture we played a game called «Real Answers Game». We let the students write a funny question on a piece of paper and mixed all the questions in a hat. Then each student had to pick a question and give the real answer. The students had a good time and had to answer questions like «Who did you go out with last night?» «Do you have a girlfriend / boyfriend?», etc.

Tounta and her friends are thinking about a question
The question game is great fun
Boy band dance show
Preparing food for lunch
After activities we have watermelons

This was a pleasant day and both students and SSL staff got a nice break from the studies and work.

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