Great times at the village

This Trip we were give school supplies 9 school.  And also add more 21 new students for supporting. Chanthasone, Viphapone , Mr. Insone ( school official)  and Me.  We were stay over night at Payoud village.  been home visited new student , after that Chanthasone joined with youth to play football. Viphapone when out to visit girls group. Viphapone very like that her can spend times with people there. For me and Insone we were out to find some animal and preparing dinner. I like the weather there. it was very great.dscf8837
This guys is our guide to showing our where is bathing place.
dscf8843 Insone and Chanthasone ready to take a shower . but water a bit cold.
We bathing with out thinking how cold is it, Kids are very happy .
Now to many people bathing , next group should wait a bit for water clear.
Small truck for children are played.
Before bathing , all you were playing  football and Rap-tan ball.
Home visit at Latuang village , This family they live 5 people together . a man he lose his hand by  bomb. a stories at rice farm. 10 years ago he and his wife been working at the mountain for preparing land for planting rice. Certainly his knife cut a bomb and explored he got hurt . his wife ran out to tell people to bring him back home. now one ear of left side could not hear it. and also lose his hand too.
dscf8832    This is not a hut for when you get tired just get in and take a rest. but this is for a women whom pregnant have to give birth a bay – be  here. I was asked village chief. He said now is better than long time a go to have like this house. before that when women will give birth. She have to give in the forest by herself. How is possible ? Yes. women can do it by herself.  But this women will come and waiting 3 days before giving birth. and husband will take care her and she have to stay in this house 7-10 days.
This is Payoud school. all student get a new uniform now.
1st grade – 5 th grade be on the line to receive school supplies . 2 writing book and 1 or 2 things they will get ( only who’s do not get school back from SSL. )
Viphapone give sport supplies to teacher at Toahua school.
After school break place for them to played.
At Payoud school.  Village chief , Insone , Chanthasone and students.
dscf8819The middle of a day we had lunch with a good place. ( Viphapone , Insone , Chanthasone and Me.
Thank you very much to Payoud village to prepared road for us to get to village.

Thank you for supporting.



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