Laos is Land of smile

Laos is Land of Smiles … You will easy to see Laos people smile when you come to Laos.Even sometimes you don’t have to know the Language , But smile kind of  how they conversation with foreigner.  Many countries still not to see much about when you passing by and hard to see people smiles.  I think we could not buy happiness! if you want to have get it you can do the way you like and what is the things you think you do and you are happy. Sometimes when I out to country side with SSL. I can see some think!  Even there people are need help  and need more education . but important things they were happy and Smiles.

Give obedience to SSL. students ( Deputy of teacher training Collage)

This week we have opening for English lesson for  Teacher Training Collage. 48 students  and divide for 2 class A- B . 24 students / room.  This lesson for 75 hours  2h / day , 18.00- 20.00. Now in Laos government said it is important for children for start to learn English. they have to study with the third grade primary school and Important that Teacher supported by SSL. also can teach some Basic English.

SSL. Giving Equipment to teacher for teaching.
DSCF6544                                                                       Opening English lesson

To get books Laos and English
At meeting room
First day for English lesson  Class B.
First day for English lesson  Class A.


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  1. Good luck with English education, it’s the word language, so it is important to learn it.

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