17 December 2014
     Congratulation for graduated  two of students. we are very proud of you guys and did a great job with studies  😀 May your have a good life in the future and blessing. 
Thank you very much for help us and make my son educated this time . we are very happy today 😀 i don’t know how to say .I would like to thank you very much.  said mother Gongkham . – right of photo.

7                       My name is Khampan  i am 24 years old. i was supporting by School support Laos sine 2002. Now i am  finished my collage subject : Diploma in Mechanical Tool Technology.Thank you very much for support me and mean a lot for my life and that ‘s make my day today.:D                                                                      
6               My name is Gongkham  i am 23 years old. I was supporting by School support Laos sine subject is Diploma in Electrical Technology.Thank you for support me and if not support me!  i can’t stand here right now.  Thank you.:D

—- Somchai  Tonsiri

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